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July 2015 News

Car Insurance and Car Warranties What’s the Difference

31/07/2015 09:13:19

Before we can join the rest of the drivers out on the roads we must first absorb a lot of information. First there is the tricky task of learning operate a car for the first time. Plus we need to cram our heads full with driving theory, rules an ...

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Fuel Saving Devices Do They Really Work

28/07/2015 09:27:28

These days we are all keen to conserve fuel since it saves us considerable money. For this reason a fuel saving device can appear like a savvy investment. Now there are hundreds floating around on the Internet, all boasting grand claims of increas ...

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Is it Worth Owning a Convertible Car in the UK

24/07/2015 09:25:18

Are you feeling tough enough to deflect a barrage of hairdresser and midlife crisis remarks? Jokes aside, owning a convertible car can be a great experience but it’s not without pitfalls. It can provide an incredibly fun driving exp ...

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Best driving roads in the UK

21/07/2015 10:20:56

Ever dreamt of driving those scenic roads from your favourite car shows or magazines? The beautiful countryside unfolding as you travel can release a feeling of awe. Then there are exciting twists and turns that challenge and get our adrena ...

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Tips and tricks for parallel parking

17/07/2015 09:11:07

A few years back a driver found internet fame (read: humiliation) when she repeatedly failed to parallel park her car. Video evidence. But mock as we might, this is not an uncommo ...

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History of the Fiat 500

14/07/2015 09:58:08

The first Fiat 500 – known in Italy as ‘the people’s car’ - was created in 1957 and the original model was manufactured until 1975. Post-war demand The post-war era demanded economical cars that we ...

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Top five inventions that made driving easier

10/07/2015 10:20:15

These days your car can pretty much drive itself (we’re being a touch facetious of course),  but which of these inventions could you really live without? 1. Power steering Power steering essentially makes the ...

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Most obscure car companies

07/07/2015 09:21:27

Today we’re taking a look beyond the world of Fords and Ferraris and heading off the beaten track. What auto delights will we find? Ginetta This unlikely manufacturer is actually based in Leeds and not Milan. Fo ...

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Most extreme luxury car accessories

03/07/2015 09:09:25

Let’s enter the world of the absurdly rich. We’re talking the kind of rich where simple owning a Ferrari is not enough, not until you’ve installed a faux star roof and rolled it in diamonds. Think we’re joking? Think again!  ...

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