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July 2016 News

Best Road Movies

29/07/2016 09:59:19

Hitting out on a long journey has long been a part of our storytelling history. From Homerís Odyssey, to The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, travelling tales have always been popular. The rise of cinema and the automobile combines beautifully f ...

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The most popular cars around the world

26/07/2016 09:04:19

For over ten years, the most popular car in the UK has been the Ford Fiesta. Renowned for its all round quality, the Fiesta is an obvious choice for the most popular new car for UK car buyers. But around the world things are different. So what ar ...

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How Skoda changed their reputation

22/07/2016 09:42:48

Today, Skoda cars are amongst some of the best reviewed on the road. Known for being great all round cars, reliably built with modern families in mind, Skodas are an increasingly popular choice. That wasnít always the case. For a long time, ...

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Most expensive toy cars

19/07/2016 09:37:36

For many boys and girls, the most popular toys they get as a child are cars. Whether its just a wooden block on wheels, a Scaletrix track, to a box of Matchbox cars that you drive around on a city street play mat, cars are a big part of our lives ...

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How the Ford Model T revolutionised the car industry

15/07/2016 11:42:30

Itís easy to forget sometimes just how quickly things have changed over the past 100 years. When it comes to buying a car, we have never had as many options available. Mass produced at factories all across the globe, there is no shortage of afforda ...

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The History of the BMW Logo

12/07/2016 09:17:14

BMW are one of the most iconic car companies of all time. Since the automobile became popular, the famous BMW badge has adorned cars all across the world. But what does the distinctive blue and white sectored circle mean? The History< ...

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British Grand Prix Facts

08/07/2016 10:01:34

The British Grand Prix is one of the highlights on every F1 fans calendar. The rich history of British drivers dominating the sport means the British Grand Prix has to be a fixture each year. Rumours abound that it is under threat, espec ...

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Top British F1 Drivers

05/07/2016 09:49:09

The British Grand Prix is just around the corner, so what better time to look at the top British F1 drivers of all time? There must be something about being born on these fair isles that makes you faster than almost everyone else on the planet. Since its inception, Formula One has had competitive drivers from the UK. When it comes to driving ver ...

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Dream Cars for Route 66

01/07/2016 09:24:41

Route 66 is one of the most famous and iconic roads on the planet. Crossing the USA from Chicago to Los Angeles, it has featured in popular culture ever since it was established in 1926. Now designated a historic highway, the route passes through som ...

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