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June 2013 News

Things that could invalidate your car warranty

27/06/2013 15:16:40

Drivers worldwide look to do everything in their power to save money on all the necessary expenses that come with owning a car. From tax and insurance, to MOT, fuel ...

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What does your car colour say about you

20/06/2013 15:02:51

Ever wondered why you chose the colour car you did? Perhaps you did it because you ‘like’ the colour, perhaps it wasn’t your first choice, but you decided to buy a car in that colour anyway. In our infographic we delve into the world of car colours to see if we can help explain why you might have made the choice you did ...

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How to jump start a car

20/06/2013 11:43:14

A flat car battery can happen for a wide variety of reasons; from leaving lights on overnight; to a faulty alternator - a flat battery can be a huge inconvenienc ...

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Top Driving Tips from a Driving Instructor

12/06/2013 14:00:00

Getting your driving license can be one of the most exciting times of a young person’s life and breeds freedom and oppo ...

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Top 7 car accessories people buy for safety and tidiness

10/06/2013 13:14:46

The market for accessories to go with your four wheels is almost as big – if not bigger – than the market for cars themselves. From the pointless (dangling tree air fresheners) to ...

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Summer Car Maintenance Checklist

06/06/2013 16:07:19

Summer is a great time to open the bonnet and check out your car. Not just because the weather is nicer and you can cope with standing outside without your f ...

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