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June 2014 News

The History of Citroen

26/06/2014 17:00:00

The life of French vehicle manufacturer Citroën began in 1919, when industrialist and French national André-Gustave Citroën, born in 1878, embarked on a mission to become the very first mass-producer of cars outside of the United Stat ...

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Protect the good times by getting a used car warranty

26/06/2014 13:43:48

After a long hard winter that, it seemed, was never going to end, we can finally enjoy the fact that the sun is shining. And this fact can only mean one thing: the school holidays are on their way. We all love getti ...

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Preventing Rust Know Where It Forms

20/06/2014 09:39:52

Rust can become the bane of many car owners’ lives. The older cars are usually the worst offenders but certain models tend to be much more vulnerable than others. When it comes to newer cars rust prevention should still be taken seriously t ...

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Top 5 Celebrity Car Related Convictions

17/06/2014 09:16:23

These celeb car-related convictions range from the bad to the downright mad! From driving under the influence to hitting prams, this bunch of crazy celebrity antics will make you glad to be an average Joe… 1. Paris Hilto ...

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World's Most Expensive Number Plates

13/06/2014 11:36:26

There’s something a little bit marmite about personalised numberplates – you either love them or you hate them. While the majority of us mere mortals will only ever consider getting a personalised numberplate when we come into some mo ...

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Tips for Avoiding Traffic on your Commute

12/06/2014 09:46:36

There is, quite simply, nothing worse than setting off on your morning commute, toothpaste around your lips and the taste of tea and cereal fresh on your tongue, and hitting traffic as soon as you turn onto the main road. It is ...

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Saving Fuel Day to Day

10/06/2014 10:11:40

With prices at the pumps continually rising itís becoming increasingly beneficial for us to conserve fuel usage in any way we can. But many people are against drastically changing their lifestyles or ditching their cars to achieve this. Thankfully ...

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Best Car Gadgets of 2014

06/06/2014 11:41:23

Even the most cynical driver in the country would have difficulty playing down the role that technology has had in making driving more enjoyable, and significantly safer. From parking sensors to Bluetooth it seems that there is a technology f ...

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How Music Affects Your Driving

03/06/2014 09:23:15

A good playlist and the open road go hand in hand, but what if your favourite tunes are putting you at risk? Music lovers rejoice A 2013 study in the Netherlands found that music makes little difference to driving ...

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