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June 2016 News

How to check if your tyres are suffering in the heat

28/06/2016 09:32:36

The chances of a heatwave hitting the UK this summer are slim. We all know by now not to get our hopes up that we will be able to hit the beach every day, sunning ourselves until we are pinker than a lobster. But it could happen, so we should be prepare ...

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A look at the famous Mercedes Benz Silver Arrows

28/06/2016 09:30:43

It was the start of motorsport as we know it, with car companies and countries around the world starting to take serious interest in the possibilities of racing cars against each other. The 1930ís would see a huge change across the planet, both o ...

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Five Hot Convertibles

24/06/2016 09:41:45

Summer is THE season for convertibles. Cruising along with the roof down, feeling the rays of sunshine on your face, thereís not many better feelings. Here is our list of the best convertibles that youíll want to get behind the wheel of this summ ...

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Profile of the Ford Mustang

21/06/2016 09:26:46

It is the dream car of many a petrolhead across the globe. Its name conjures up images of cool, 60ís superstars and high speed police chases. The Ford Mustang is an icon, the definitive muscle car of the 20th century. Recently relaunched for the 21st ...

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Most famous racetracks

21/06/2016 09:24:46

The most dangerous of all sports, motorsport shows with humans pushing their bodies to the very limits. Strapped behind the controls of jet engines or wheels, only the bravest can succeed. The most dangerous sport needs the best tracks; icon ...

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Keep your car interior cool this summer

17/06/2016 09:27:37

The summer is here and we will soon be out in our droves to make the most of the glorious weather. Yes, there may well be sunshine on the way. A problem we often forget is just how hot our cars can become. Not only can it be dangerous, but i ...

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Nissan Qashqai King of the Crossover SUVs

10/06/2016 09:04:25

If you had told anyone ten years ago that not only would Nissan have one of the most popular cars in the market, but also that every other car company would be trying to follow their lead, you might have seen more than a few raised eyebrows. Bu ...

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Celebrating the VW Golf GTI

03/06/2016 09:16:51

Itís one of the most famous cars on the planet and this year it celebrates its 40th birthday. The Volkswagen Golf GTI (Grand Turismo Injection) has been a mainstay on the British roads since its first appearance back in 1976. So why has this model be ...

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Honda and the Power of Advertising

01/06/2016 09:05:20

When it comes to advertising, competition between car companies is fierce. You could argue that the best adverts made have been the products of the big car manufacturers.† If you had to choose one company that has excelled more than most, you would be hard pressed to find one better than Honda. Never afraid to take a leftfield approach ...

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