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March 2016 News

Bizarre car accidents

29/03/2016 08:52:49

Car accidents are never fun, but they are definitely sometimes bizarre. Here we take a look at three accidents that are truly odd! Levitating Mini Bus Imagine you’re just tootling down your normal commute r ...

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Oil Barrel Prices versus Petrol Prices and How it is calculated

24/03/2016 15:56:29

Petrol prices have tanked in the last few months as the decline in oil prices meant petrol was just 86p a litre. As a result, it’s been predicted that petrol prices will be back | Read story | more from Offbeat 

Should cars be fitted with speed limiters

24/03/2016 15:50:18

A speed limiter does pretty much what it says on the tin - it limits the top speed of a vehicle and prevents it from breaking that threshold. In certain circumstances (such as with HGVs in the UK) they are mandatory and a statutory requirement. ...

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Profile of Jackie Stewart

18/03/2016 08:58:13

Jackie Stewart: a blue Tyrell, sunglasses and sideburns, not to mention winning three world titles in F1 during his career. He has long been established as one of Britain’s greatest ever racing drivers, in fact, in 2009 he was ranked 5th of the ...

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Most expensive cars sold at auction

15/03/2016 09:06:18

If you had the cash to splash, which one of these beauties would you have gone for? Something with a deep, proven racing heritage or a pristinely conserved model? One things for sure, it would most likely be a Ferrari… 1. 1962 Ferra ...

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Tips for Checking Your Car Engine Fluids

11/03/2016 09:12:47

Your vehicle’s fluids are as vital as blood. They ensure significant components continue to operate smoothly, thus preventing mechanical failure. The breakdowns caused by running dry are inconvenient, expensive and totally avoidabl ...

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History Of Mitsubishi

08/03/2016 11:38:09

The mighty car manufacturer Mitsubishi is one of our finest examples of Japanese engineering. Most notably, they have now produced 10 generations of the Evolution, a fierce rally legend set upon our very roads. The history of Mitsubishi is rich, da ...

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History Of The Number Plate

04/03/2016 09:28:06

At the turn of the 20th century, the automobile was poised to change the world forever. The UK government soon realised they needed a system to prevent chaos and uphold order. Number plates were identifiable and quantifiable, an ideal solut ...

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Five Awesome Fashion Designer and Car Collaborations

01/03/2016 09:47:23

Fashion designers have always been bold trendsetters, pursued mainly by the extravagant and prosperous. In an effort to create a similar buzz, car manufacturers collaborate with famous designers to produce limited ...

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