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May 2015 News

Best cars for camping holidays

26/05/2015 09:22:36

Ah, camping in the Great British Isles; most of us have at least one childhood memory. The success largely dictated by the weather, which in the UK is never the most trusted variable. You might, if the sun had put its hat on, have g ...

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Pioneering Women in Motoring

22/05/2015 11:14:24

The motoring industry is all too often considered a man’s game. A blokey bloke man, for that matter! But it’s just simply not the case – there have been some incredibly pioneering women inv ...

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10 Tips To Claim Your Money Back for Pothole Damage

19/05/2015 14:38:59

Can you believe potholes are causing an estimated 1 out of 10 mechanical problems on our roads? That amounts to a staggering £730 million in costs to us motorists each year. If you have ever hit a pothole in th ...

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Will You Pass Your Theory Test First Time

15/05/2015 10:38:02

  It’s truly an exciting time as we gradually inch closer towards getting our drivers licence. Getting out on the road evokes a sense of freedom, independence and sometimes adventure. It can also feel quite stressful at times, e ...

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Can you cook an egg on your car

12/05/2015 09:12:02

Trying to save money on your electricity bill? Looking for a way to cook on the road? Whatever your reason - why not try frying up your Sunday egg sarnie on your car instead? Seriously. In the UK Down ...

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History of the Porsche 911

08/05/2015 09:03:13

Ah, the Porsche 911. The most popular car made by the company, and it’s not hard to see why. Earlier this year it beat rivals Mercedes and Jaguar to the coveted title of “best premium sports car on the market” by Car and Driver.  But did you ...

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High Octane Top Gear Alternatives

05/05/2015 10:41:00

Thousands of loyal Top Gear fans are still coming to terms with the fact Jeremy Clarkson will not be returning to show. This is a heavy blow since his charisma and humour was an integral part of the show’s magic. It was widely known that C ...

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Five of the Most Innovative Car Storage Solutions

01/05/2015 09:33:24

When it comes to parking our beloved cars, a number of companies have been really pushing the boundaries. This has resulted in many high-tech and interesting car storage solutions. The advantages over conventional parking can include increased con ...

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