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May 2016 News

The car with the best quality to price ratio

27/05/2016 10:45:26

Every car buyer wants to get the most out of their money. Not everyone has the ability to buy a six figure super car with fine Italian handcrafted upholstery or the latest in audio/visual in car entertainment technology. In fact, for the vast ma ...

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Guide To Depreciation of Cars

24/05/2016 09:19:20

When purchasing any item, the value will often change dramatically from the moment you complete the purchase. In some cases, the value will go up. For example house prices or expensive art works. But in most cases, the value will drop. Cars i ...

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Forward or Backwards into a parking space

20/05/2016 09:16:54

For many, parking is one of the most difficult parts of driving. Not only is it becoming increasingly difficult to find a space with the roads so crowded, but it seems tempers are shorter than ever with an angry honking waiting to abuse anyone who ...

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Top Cars For The Beach

17/05/2016 09:06:36

The summer is here and many of us will be heading to the coast for some sun, sea and sand. We may not have the Californian climate, but we can still find a car that makes trips to the beach something special. ...

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Summer Motorsport Highlights

13/05/2016 09:13:48

2016 sees a huge summer of sport. Euro 2016 kicks things off as the English, Welsh and Irish teams head to France in the hope of being named the best team in Europe. Then thereís Wimbledon, with Andy Murray once again going for the title. 2 ...

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Toyota Prius and the history of hybrids

10/05/2016 16:39:00

Once seen as a bit of a joke, a car for wannabe hippies who want to feel smug about their eco credentials, the Toyota Prius has quietly become a big success. Not only did it popularise the hybrid car movement, it was a pioneer when it came to the ...

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Profile of the Audi R8

06/05/2016 12:18:53

The Audi R8 has become one of the globeís leading supercars. Since itís launch back in 2006, it has quickly become a symbol of precision engineering, power and performance. 2015 saw the launch of the carís second generation, with the R8 Spyder ...

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Four wheel drive vs Two wheel drive

04/05/2016 11:46:15

Ever since the inception of 4-wheel drive systems, consumers have asked themselves whether it would be beneficial for them over the conventional 2-wheel drive. There are varying schools of thought on this since everyone has different n ...

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What to expect from the new Top Gear

03/05/2016 12:19:09

The all new series of Top Gear is set to start this month. After a lot of speculation and rumour, we will finally be able to see how the new look line-up gets on replacing the titanic trio that turned a silly little ...

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