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May 2017 News

Top tips for your driving test

30/05/2017 11:09:43

Getting ready for your driving test can be one of the most nervous times of your life. After all those lessons you’ve had with your instructor, crunch time has come. So what can you do to prepare for the big day? Here are our top tips for t ...

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Top five affordable convertibles

26/05/2017 10:56:39

With summer on its way, the British people will once again be looking out of their windows and hoping for a beautiful summer. Whilst planning anything based on the weather is not advised, you may want to purchase a convertible so that you can ...

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Profile of the Honda Civic

23/05/2017 09:50:53

One of the most popular small cars to come from Japan, the Honda Civic was beloved by boy racers in the joyriding boom of the early twenty first century. Despite this, the car continues to be popular amongst drivers of all ages and is now in its 1 ...

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Most dangerous countries to drive in

22/05/2017 10:03:29

Every driver knows that the roads can be dangerous. Not a day goes by when you don’t see someone driving too fast, cutting in where they shouldn’t, or using their mobile phone. But by global standards the UK is one of the safest place ...

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History of Alfa Romeo

16/05/2017 09:38:11

One of the most famous manufacturers in the world, Alfa Romeo has had to compete with other Italian makers such as Ferrari, Fiat and Lamborghini. While not as high end as the prancing horse and not as practical as the Fiat, Alfa Romeo have establis ...

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Guide to Personal Contract Purchase

12/05/2017 09:09:17

When buying a new car you want to look at all the different purchase options available. Car finance is a good way to spread the cost of your vehicle and Personal Contract Purchase is one of the most popular kinds. PCP PCP is a type of car finance product with a wide variety of different options. It allows you ...

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Best cars for road trips

09/05/2017 09:37:41

When setting out on the open road you want to travel in as much comfort and style as possible. Whether it’s travelling long distance for a meeting or heading out on a family holiday, you want to have a car that won’t leave you ...

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Battle of the SUVs Jaguar F Pace vs Volvo XC90

05/05/2017 09:49:03

The SUV – the ultimate all round vehicle for those who want their cars big, rugged and ready to go. Standing for Sports Utility Vehicle, the SUV has become the go to choice for those wanting an excellent all-rounder. Its popular ...

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Top tips for giving your car a spring clean

02/05/2017 09:42:02

The sun will soon be out and with summer on the way, you may want to get your car ready for the good weather. Whether that’s tidying the car for long day trips or getting the windows clean to avoid glare, here are our top tips for giving yo ...

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