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November 2010 News

Vehicle Warranty Owners Voting in the 2011 Golden Garages Scheme

30/11/2010 12:30:30

Thousands of motorists, including those with vehicle warranty, will be asked to vote in the 2011 Golden Garages competition, which is open to garages across the country that supply service and repair services, both independent and franchised. In order to be in with a chance of winning, the garages will need to show customer commitment and excellen ...

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Vehicle Recalls Highlights the Need for Extended Warranty

29/11/2010 11:01:12

Just recently there has been a spate of vehicle recalls hitting the headlines. Several manufacturers have found problems with certain models following the launch of them, and on the odd occasion there have been accidents associated with the problem.When it comes to problems with the brakes or the steering, then these issues are certainl ...

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Car Warranty is Not the Only Way to Keep Costs Down

26/11/2010 12:30:46

All drivers try to find ways of saving money when it comes to owning a car. It is one of the biggest expenses that most people have to live with, taking into consideration fuel costs, insurance and repairs. Most drivers know that auto warranty is a good way of keeping repair costs to a minimum, as it covers the cost of any essential repairs and m ...

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Improving Garage Standards for Car Warranty Claims

25/11/2010 10:53:30

Whether you have a form of auto warranty or not, it is important to know that the garage you use for servicing and repairing your vehicle is reputable and follows the regulations and industry standards. A recent report by Which? has prompted the creation of a new scheme and revealed that garages are working hard to change their image and reputatio ...

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Kias Car Warranty Helps Used Car Sales

24/11/2010 10:44:33

Sales of used Kia cars have risen by 67% during 2010 when compared to the sales figures for 2009. The used car program was re-launched in April 2009 and the approved used car program has sold more than 5000 cars since that date.The Picanto has sold more than 244% more cars than in 2009 and other ranges have increased by more than 100%, ...

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Saving Money with Car Warranty Petrol and Other Motoring Costs

23/11/2010 11:02:55

A recent report has highlighted how UK drivers are wasting money by not planning ahead on expenses such as petrol. Last minute purchases of petrol mean that drivers often visit the petrol station that is nearest to them, but not necessarily the cheapest. The survey estimates that by not travelling further afield to a cheaper station, drivers can ...

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Which Car Parts Will Need Replacing First

22/11/2010 12:46:37

The wisdom of motor warranty was highlighted in a recent newspaper report that published a survey listing the car parts most likely to need replacing first. At the top of the list is suspension arms, which cost on average £230 to replace. This is closely followed by ball joints, at an average replacement cost of £223, which is follow ...

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Why is Car Warranty so Important

19/11/2010 10:58:08

More car manufacturers are offering longer deals on their car warranty. This is good news for the consumer but why is a car warranty so important? Well, car warranty gives peace of mind to the car owner that if anything goes wrong with their car the manufacturer will fix it. New cars usually come with 3 years warranty as standard, although many ...

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Why Buy Extended Car Warranty

18/11/2010 11:39:25

Whenever you purchase something in a shop there is always a manufacturer’s warranty associated with the item. You can buy extended warranties and the shop assistant will always offer to sell you this policy. Many people find this quite annoying but in some cases, such as when buying a new car, it can prove extremely helpful.Car warranty ...

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The Car Warranty War

17/11/2010 10:55:27

Several publications of late have been discussing the so called ‘warranty war’. This is basically where the car manufacturers are offering great deals on warranty for their car purchase. For example, Vauxhall has decided to introduce as part of its standard policy a car warranty that covers “all major parts throughout the cars life”. Th ...

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Automatic Repairs for Vehicles with Car Warranties

16/11/2010 13:21:51

If you are the driver of a company car or van, then at some stage in the not-so-distant future you may find that the vehicle will be able to book itself into a garage for repairs and maintenance. Vehicles are being fitted with increasingly advanced technology, such as mobile internet access and diagnostic systems. By synchronising the systems wit ...

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Rising Garage Costs Increase Need for Car Warranties

15/11/2010 15:05:36

A newly published survey suggests that drivers would be better equipped to cover the increasing cost of running a vehicle if they took advantage of car warranties. According to the findings, the cost of having a car repaired at a garage continues to increase faster than the rate of inflation; labour charges are now on average £74.82 per hour, a ris ...

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Manufacturers Car Warranty Expired

12/11/2010 14:56:22

According to recent industry statistic the average cost to repair faults or problems with a vehicle in its fourth year of ownership is now averaging £700 pounds a year. This means that the standard manufacturers warranty period of 3 years will expire just too soon for many motorists who will be left with expensive repair bills.

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Getting the Right Car Warranty for your Money

11/11/2010 10:49:21

Car warranty is a subject which most people do not know much about. The basics are simple, you take out a warranty and then your car is covered against unexpected breakdowns. In reality car warranty policies are more complex than that with various levels of cover available at a range of prices. This can make choosing your car warranty package a dau ...

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Car Warranty Sales Increasing

02/11/2010 16:19:09

Since September 2010, sales of car warranty packages from warranty specialists such as Go Car Warranty have risen by a fifth. It seems that UK consumers are still buying used cars instead of new cars to save money and purchasing warranty packages to protect their new investments.These findings are backed up by vehicle experts Glasses Gu ...

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