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November 2014 News

Biggest Speeding Fines

28/11/2014 15:16:53

For most of us speeding can seem like such a trivial matter. Say you’re caught doing 80mph on a 70mph motorway; a wide straight road with no traffic in sight. We almost feel we can fully justify that we have not gone wrong. But as always, there ...

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The Land Speed Record

25/11/2014 09:14:21

The land speed record is, rather simply, the highest speed possible achieved in a vehicle on land. That means no pimped up planes or boats - we're talking wheels to the ground, strictly on-land automobiles. ...

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How to Compare Car Warranties

21/11/2014 09:32:30

So you have just been handed the keys to your hot new set of wheels, the last thing you going through your head is possible costly future repairs. Fortunately many people will drive quite happily for months or even years without experiencin ...

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History of Peugeot

18/11/2014 09:36:20

You might not know it, but Peugeot is actually one of the oldest brands in the car manufacturing, dating back to 1810. However, it wasn't exactly known for automobiles. Back then it was coffee, salt and pepper grinding that attracted busine ...

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Best Cars for Golfers

14/11/2014 09:28:36

If golf is your passion, you'll need a car to accommodate it, as it's a hobby that comes with a lot of gear: multiple clubs, countless balls, folding trolleys, club attire - the list goes on and on. But this is golf we're talking about, and eve ...

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The Cars of World War One

11/11/2014 09:59:32

Recently came the passing of the WW1 Centenary. This marks the 100th year anniversary of the very moment when Britain committed itself into one of the biggest conflicts in recorded history. To honour the true courage and s ...

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Tips for Driving in Flood Areas

07/11/2014 09:14:00

Many have found themselves in this situation. We wake up in the morning to the sound of heavy rain, the roads have been filling with water overnight. We would much rather stay in bed but we all ...

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Movember The Best Car Charity Fundraisers

04/11/2014 09:12:47

It's the month of Movember! Where men up and down the country sprout a strip of facial hair in a bid to improve 'the face of mens health' (we like what they did there). So far it's raised over £346 million and helped fund over 8 ...

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