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October 2017 News

History of the Volkswagen Golf

31/10/2017 09:44:16

The company literally named as the “people’s car”, Volkswagen have produced one of the most coveted cars in history – the Volkswagen Golf. Regularly seen being driven by eager new drivers who want a bit more power in their hatchback, t ...

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Most popular James Bond cars

27/10/2017 09:10:39

There are four things you associate with the iconic British super-spy James Bond – guns, gadgets, girls and fantastic cars. Whether it’s a car fitted with machineguns, or simply a beautiful machine he gets behind the wheel o ...

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Most famous cars in literature

23/10/2017 17:13:55

Since the first car was built, it has captured the imagination of writers as another facet to add to their stories. Whether it’s a long road trip across America, a magical machine flying through the sky, or a murderous evil machine, ...

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Most common parking mistakes

20/10/2017 09:03:07

Out of all the things to do with driving, parking can be the most stressful. Whether it’s finding a space, squeezing into a tight gap, or the dreaded parallel park, it can be a bit of a nightmare. The good news is, there are a few commo ...

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Top five all electric cars

17/10/2017 09:05:22

Advancements in technology and an increase in the provision of charging stations means that electric cars are now a viable option for almost everyone. The cars are also better now. No longer little dinky machines that look like an oversized mobili ...

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Iconic Jaguar models

13/10/2017 08:26:11

One of Britain’s oldest car manufacturers, Jaguar has a long history of creating beautiful, prestige vehicles that ooze a sense of class. Having just passed its 80th birthday, the company has changed a lot over the years. Bu ...

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Top tips for driving in the rain

10/10/2017 08:18:51

Now that summer is firmly behind us, autumn is on the way. And in the UK, you know this brings one thing – rain. Those grey days will soon be upon us, where the sky is cloudy and a constant stream of drizzle seems to fall upon us. Dr ...

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Top five affordable family cars

06/10/2017 08:20:56

Having a family is sure to put a strain on your finances. But you may also need to upgrade your car to provide more room, comfort, and safety for your loved ones. Thankfully, there are a wide range of options on the market, many of w ...

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How to choose the best car insurance for you

03/10/2017 08:27:32

With so many different companies and options available to you, finding the right type of car insurance for your needs may seem a little complicated. But there’s no need to be confused. All it takes is a little understanding o ...

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