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September 2014 News

Which jobs have the highest insurance premiums

22/09/2014 09:26:57

How much is your profession contributing to the price of your motor insurance? Quite a lot more than you might initially think! Depending on your job, your yearly car insurance could vary between £255 and an eye-watering, hole-in-po ...

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Guide to respraying your car

22/09/2014 09:24:49

If your carís paintwork is in bad shape it can often really let the whole car down. †As a result, paintwork restoration is a very effective way to breath new life into your pride and joy. Now there are three main options to consider, having t ...

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Best cars for dog lovers

22/09/2014 09:22:50

Let's face it, we're a nation of dog lovers. Whether you're into hand-bag sized Chihuahuas, perpetually super-happy Labradors or coo coo for Collies, nearly 10 million of us share our homes with a dog. For that reason, we've put t ...

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Pop Stars and their cars Five of the best

19/09/2014 09:57:05

They may be best known for recording those songs that you hear on the radio every morning, subconsciously hum in the shower and shamelessly dance to at your annual work’s Christmas do, but, like the rest of society, Pop Stars have a lif ...

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Who offers the best car warranty

16/09/2014 10:06:15

The decision to buy a new car is usually based upon wanting something more modern and reliable. Newer cars should be far less likely to suffer from mechanical woes, additionally most faults will be covered as part of the manufacturer’s car ...

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The History of the Mini

12/09/2014 09:42:12

The Mini has captured the hearts of millions around the world for over half a century. Although simple in design, small in size and engine capacity, this car somehow captured the spirit of adventure, fun and individuality. From humble begins o ...

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Car valeting Dos and Dont's

09/09/2014 09:13:21

With the fast-paced and exciting 21st Century lives we lead, cutting costs and maintaining our expensive possessions is becoming more and more important. And, as one of the most expensive purchases you’re ever likely to make and one you use ...

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The True Cost of Car Repairs

05/09/2014 16:25:54

For many, taking your car to the garage can be a daunting experience - not everybody has a wealth of knowledge on how their cars work or the costs involved to fix them if they sho ...

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New Tax Disc Regulations

04/09/2014 13:56:36

Important notice: It is just a few weeks until the new changes are made to the car tax system. You still need to tax your car as usual, but you wonít receive a disc. These changes are due to come into force on 1st October 2014. Taking advan ...

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What Is Precision Engineering and what does it mean for your car

02/09/2014 14:25:44

Precision Engineering is a specific subdivision of mechanical, electrical, software, electronics and optical engineering. As the word precision entails, this type of engineering practice is used for designing and building mechanisms and ...

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