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September 2015 News

The thinking behind car names

29/09/2015 10:16:14

Most of us spend a fair chunk of time in our cars; from the daily commute and the annual pilgrimage to see family, to popping to the corner shop when it’s raining. So perhaps given the amount of time we spend in our vehicl ...

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Will driverless cars be safer

25/09/2015 08:54:43

The future of the automotive industry seems destined to be autonomous vehicles. With Google investing heavily in the technology,; Tesla rumoured to be preparing their own driverless cars, and the world’s most valuable company Apple expec ...

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Top 5 most expensive Ferraris

22/09/2015 09:09:49

Ferrari – the iconic sports car brand – screams luxury. Founded in 1929 the company sponsored drivers and focused on race cars, before giving street legal cars a whirl in 1947. Today, the brand is legendary. And with that, comes ...

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Income adjusted speeding fines Yes or No

18/09/2015 09:02:58

Here in the UK we issue the same speeding fines to everyone. But could there be a fairer way to make citizens speed abiding? We take look… What is the current sting? If you are caught speeding the current minimum penalt ...

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The safety of riding a motorbike

15/09/2015 09:18:01

If you have had the chance to ride a powerful motorcycle on the open road you will understand the thrill and passion that fuels most riders. By riding a bare essentials machine, you truly feel your engine’s power delivery and wind forces tha ...

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Manual vs Automatic

11/09/2015 09:15:08

A majority of us have always believed manuals transmissions offer superior fuel economy to automatics. It makes sense, you have greater control over gear selection, less mechanical power losses and a lower weight from your gearbox. However, the ...

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The Pros and Cons of the Seatbelt

08/09/2015 09:18:56

For the vast majority of us, we belt up out of long-term habit. The importance of wearing one was emphasised whilst we learnt to drive. The effects of wearing seatbelts have been examined through extensive case studies and research. However, the ...

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Key Breakthroughs in Automotive Design

04/09/2015 09:27:05

It’s amazing to consider how far the automotive industry has evolved over 130 years; from driving crude motorised wagons to highly sophisticated machines in little over a century. What started as a mechanical replacement for the horse and ca ...

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History of the Ford Mustang

01/09/2015 09:33:11

The Ford Mustang requires little introduction. The Mustang ferociously rose to iconic car status, immortalised itself in American culture and captivated car enthusiasts worldwide. Follow the Mustang’s rapid evolution through ...

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