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September 2017 News

Best movie cars of all time

28/09/2017 16:10:24

The silver screen has brought to us some iconic cars across the years. From possessed demon bugs to time-travelling curiosities, petrol heads have never been short of beautiful, mysterious or just plain cool cars to drool at in the ...

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Top Five British Classic Cars

26/09/2017 08:08:33

The history of automobiles is filled with beautifully designed British cars. As four wheels turned from just being practical into icons of design and fashion, British designers were often at the forefront. Itís little wonder then that some of the most coveted classic cars come from British car companies, whose badge alone is often enough to add ...

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Best biking routes around the UK

22/09/2017 08:09:49

There are few better feelings then sitting astride your motorbike and heading out on the open road. For many, biking road trips conjure up images of the US, with their Harley-Davidsons and long highways. But there are many fantastic r ...

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Five F1 races worth remembering

19/09/2017 08:28:25

There’s a reason that Formula One is seen as the most thrilling motorsport on the planet. The combination of fastest cars on the planet with the most competitive drivers means the competition for top spot on the podium is alwa ...

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Top tips for driving in Europe

15/09/2017 05:58:25

Taking a road trip across Europe may seem like a daunting prospect. With so many countries, languages and laws to be aware of, you might be afraid of getting caught out in a strange place. But with preparation, you can make sure a trip to see all the fantastic sights that the continent has to offer goes off without a hitch. Pla ...

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Top five hybrid cars

12/09/2017 08:35:34

The future of motoring is hybrid. With petrol and diesel cars set to be banned in the UK by 2040, now is the time to switch. Not only are you helping to save the planet, you are also saving money on petrol, tax and repair costs. To ...

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The most annoying driving habits

08/09/2017 08:14:36

We all like to think we’re the perfect driver. Taking to the road with ease and not causing anyone else any trouble. But other drivers; It doesn’t take much to send us in a fit of rage, either shouting obscenities behind th ...

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History of the Ford Fiesta

05/09/2017 09:59:10

By quite some margin the bestselling car in the UK, the Ford Fiesta has dominated the market with its all-round quality. Economical, extremely safe, and practical in a way that isn’t boring, the Ford Fiesta’s success is well-earned. He ...

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Back to school driving tips

01/09/2017 08:41:21

It’s almost that time again. The summer school holidays are almost at an end, and the daily battle to get your little ones to school is set to start all over again. You may be feeling palpitations, thinking of the stress that comes with hav ...

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