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Are Extended Car Warranties Worth It

Everybody likes to get value for money when making a new purchase. Buying a car is a prime example of this especially as a car is arguably one of the larger purchases that an average person will make in their lifetime. This is why consumer are looking to protect their investment with Car Warranty packages.

Since the height of the UK recession car buyers have been even more careful in their approach when looking for a new car. They are prepared to do their homework in ensuring a car’s has high reliability levels to prevent expensive repair costs.

The problem is that cars are a necessity for many, and unfortunately, they can go wrong no matter how reliable they are meant to be. Reliability statistics don’t cover every individual incident. A BMW 3 series is considered to be one of the most reliable vehicles available with a 93% reliability rating. However what isn’t mentioned is that they are also very good at consuming oil. They have been known to suck oil from the sump and eject it into the top of the engine, thus creating thick black smog when driving.

Another example would be the VW Golf Plus, the vehicle was given a 95% reliability rating but it has been known for many models to have air conditioning malfunctions around the 4 year old mark and the suspension can also cause a severe grinding noise.

Rectifying these problems can quickly cost the owner a lot of money and often these expenses are unexpected and not budgeted for. Consumers can protect themselves from such problems by purchasing an extended warranty from specialist warranty companies such as Go Car Warranty. This allows a car owner to put their mind at ease by knowing that their car is protected from many problems that it may face.

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