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Are Motor Warranties Enough

Are Motor Warranties Enough Image

While Motor Warranties are very helpful when it comes to managing certain types of vehicular expenses, including the failure of an engine component, it is important to realise that even the best warranties are not replacements for other types of coverage.  A driver who truly wants to be covered adequately will maintain at least a minimum of car insurance along with a solid warranty plan.  Here is why:


Choosing to carry motor warranties and car insurance coverage at the same time is the best way to be covered in just about any situation.  Insurance comes in very handy when the car needs repairs due to some sort of act of vandalism or as the result of a traffic accident.  The terms of the policy will offset at least a sizeable portion of the cost of the repairs, allowing the car owner to avoid having to run up debt to cover the expenses or use other financial resources to settle with the shop or service that manages the repairs. 


By contrast, motor warranties focus on issues that could negatively impact the operation of the covered vehicles due to poor maintenance and servicing or the recall of some component that could result in operational failure.  The typical warranty includes provisions that encourage regular maintenance, which in turn translates to greater vehicle reliability.  In addition, owners do not have to incur expenses in the event that a covered component fails for no apparent reason. 


By combining the cover of motor warranties with decent car insurance, car owners can look forward to encountering less down time, and in general get more from their vehicles.  If you do not have a decent warranty along with good insurance, start looking today.  In the long run, it will be worth the effort.


Author: Michael Barclay

published: 09/03/2011 11:00:01

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