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Are Used Car Warranties Really Worth Your Time

Are Used Car Warranties Really Worth Your Time Image

Many car dealers, including those who offer both new and used cars for sale, make it a point to offer used Car Warranties on their late model offerings. This is sometimes confusing to buyers who have this idea that all used cars are sold as seen and that no type of warranty plan would be available for an older car. The fact is that increasingly dealers are providing very robust warranty plans on cars that are under a certain age and with a limited amount of mileage on the engine.

For example, a car dealer who sells new cars associated with a particular manufacturer may have a significant number of used cars associated with that same manufacturer. When this is the case, the warranty terms originally offered with those used cars when they were new, with some minor reductions in coverage, may be extended to buyers. While the duration of the warranty and a portion of those old terms may not still be available, there is a good chance that the used car warranties offered provide significant benefits, and are worth the price.

Don't assume anything when it comes to used car warranties. Ask specifically what options are available with the car you want and check them over carefully. Even if a reduced warranty plan through the manufacturer is not available, the dealer may also offer plans provided by independent warranty companies. In many cases, the scope of the coverage may be pleasantly surprising, providing one more reason to proceed with the purchase.

Author - Michael Barclay

published: 08/08/2011 14:00:01

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