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Are Used Car Warranties Worth It

When buying second hand vehicles, some people question the wisdom of buying used Car Warranties. Their reasoning is usually along the lines of the fact that they have less invested in the car, so why even bother with the warranties? The fact is that used car warranties are worth the time to read and understand, for a couple of reasons.

Used car warranties provide basic protection in the event that a select number of operational issues develop with the vehicle while the warranty is in effect. What this does is limit your out of pocket expenses should a covered event take place. Since a number of issues covered in the provisions of Car Warranty can be quite expensive, most people will find that having the warranty provides at least some peace of mind when one of those events should come to pass. Unless you have plenty of money and don’t mind paying for those repairs yourself, having that warranty just makes sense.

Another benefit to used warranties is that they are often provided free of charge by some dealerships. There are sometimes even extended warranty plans that you can purchase for a very reasonable sum. When this is the case, the used car warranties further reduce the potential for out of pocket costs that make that great deal on the used car not so great after all. Be sure to read the warranty before buying the car, so you know what is and is not covered in the terms and provisions. Doing so will make it all the easier to enjoy the car and be confident that you can afford the repairs when and as needed.

Author – Michael Barclay

Car Warranties  17/12/2010 13:05:53

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