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Automatic Repairs for Vehicles with Car Warranties

If you are the driver of a company car or van, then at some stage in the not-so-distant future you may find that the vehicle will be able to book itself into a garage for repairs and maintenance. Vehicles are being fitted with increasingly advanced technology, such as mobile internet access and diagnostic systems. By synchronising the systems with the schedule of the driver, the onboard systems of the car should be able to find a suitable point at which the driver will be able to take it to the garage and automatically book the relevant appointment.

Such a system is perfect for those who have Car Warranties, as the car will carry out all the organising itself, ensuring that an essential service is not only missed, but that repairs on cars or vans with Vehicle Warranty can be carried out as soon as they are needed.

Fleet vehicles tend to be fairly new models with car warranties that are still in place, and the advanced system would allow fleet managers to set up an automated system to ensure that the fleet remains in good repair.

The only problem is that drivers need to ensure that their diary is up to date. Any inconvenient dates however can be marked, which will stop the vehicle from booking an appointment on any day that may appear to be free. For car warranties, repairs and maintenance are essential - the proposed advances system will make the process more interactive between the driver and the car.

Car Warranty Motor Warranty  16/11/2010 13:21:51

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