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Autumn car cleaning

Summer is one of the busiest months for your car. Trips to the beach, days out in the country having picnics, or driving around the UK for a staycation, your car can quickly accumulate all sorts of grime. Be it sand, dirt, or even something like ice cream, now is the time to give your car a clean before winter comes and it becomes too cold. Here are our tips.

Clean your carpets

Sand and dirt can get in everywhere, so give your car a good vacuum now. Autumn will mean rain and wet feet, so more dirt will be trodden into your car than before. Get ahead of the game by taking out the carpets and giving them a good clean. Take your hoover into the car too and get into all the edges.

Pressure wash

The rough weather means dirt and grime will get everywhere in the car. So a bucket and sponge wonít do the job. Use a pressure water to remove all the dirt and grime from the carís trim, and give the tyres particular attention.

Check the tyre tread

Wet weather means your tyres will need more grip. Dirt can accumulate in the tread of the tyres, so make sure you dig in and get it clean. A pressure washer can help, but you will need to go over and double check its all cleared out okay.

Windscreen washer fluid

Now is a perfect time to add some proper windscreen washer fluid to your carís washer levels. Dirt on the windshield can be stubborn, and you donít want any streaks on the glass. Using proper cleaning liquid mixed in with the water will give you much more clarity.

Time for a wax?

If you have more time (or the money to have someone do it for you), now is a great time to wax your car. Waxing gives your paintwork that extra bit of protection from debris on the road, and it makes your car look nice too!

Car Care Tips  05/10/2018 11:43:09

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