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Bald Tyres Could Cause Car Insurance Claims Rejections

Bald Tyres Could Cause Car Insurance Claims Rejections Image

While the great majority of motorists seem to understand the necessity and benefits of having auto warranty coverage these days, an alarming number of car owners still know little about how to properly maintain their vehicle, either by learning the basic themselves or simply by taking it to a garage for a service on a regular basis. A recent survey discovered that as many as 60% of all motorists do not even know the legal tyre depth for their vehicle. 

This is potentially very serious news, as anyone who is caught driving a motor vehicle with tyres which are deemed un-roadworthy could be fined up to £2,500 and have as many as three penalty points added to their driving license, just for having one single tyre on their car which has tread below the legal requirement. That fine could even rise to as much as £10,000 were all four of the car's tyres be deemed unfit for use on the road, with the penalty points being multiplied for every extra bald tyre.

Even with these serious consequences, however, the survey conducted by, a car insurance comparison website, found that 60% of drivers are unaware of the correct tyre depth of 1.66 millimetres. 60% also do not know how to go about putting air in their tyres, while 14% were unaware that they even had to put air in their tyres in the first place. 

Should motorists have an accident while driving with illegal tyres, they might also find that their car insurance will not cover them.

Motoring News  05/10/2011 11:00:01

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