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Ban smoking in cars with children

Ban smoking in cars with children Image

The UK Health Minister has called on the Government to consider banning smoking in cars that are carrying children.

Anna Soubry claimed the move would help protect children from the risks of second hand smoke.

But despite her plea, there are no current plans to change government policy.

Prime Minister David Cameron has previously expressed caution on the issue, declaring he is "nervous" about legislating what people do inside a private vehicle.

"I would ban smoking in cars where children are present," said Ms Soubry, speaking at the Local Government Association's annual public health conference. "I believe in protecting children. I would see it as a child welfare issue.

"I think it is something we should at least consider as government."

Although ministers are not considering a ban, the Department of Health is taking some action. It has run a number of marketing campaigns aimed at encouraging people not to smoke in the presence of their children at home or in cars.

Ms Soubry revealed that a national marketing campaign to remind smokers of the risks of second hand smoke will soon be repeated to try and encourage people to change their behaviour.

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