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Ban Smoking in Cars

Ban Smoking in Cars Image

Smoking in motor vehicles should be banned, according to the British Medical Association. The professional medical association, which is also a trade union for both doctors and medical students all across the United Kingdom, is calling for smoking in vehicles all over the country to be banned.  

The British Medical Association has made its call in the wake of new research that shows that the amount of toxins in a motor vehicle can go as high as 23 times those found in a smoky bar. The Association is calling for tough action. It wants the current veto that exists for smoking in public places to now be extended to include motor vehicles, in order to protect both children and non-smoking adults from the dangers of secondhand smoke.

The findings suggest that more than a fifth of all adults in the United Kingdom smoke, with between a third and half of them estimated to light up while in a motor vehicle. The British Medical Association notes that the young are particularly vulnerable to pollutants and that secondhand smoke increases the risk of a wide range of conditions, including the likes of asthma and impaired lung function.

Smoking has already been banned in motor vehicles that are used for the purposes of work, such as taxi cabs, but smoking in private cars has yet to be banned anywhere in the United Kingdom. While taking out a Motor Warranty may not be able to guard car owners against health issues related to smoking, they can cover them for all defective electrical and mechanical parts that could cause the vehicle to malfunction.

Author - Michael Barclay

Car Care Tips  18/11/2011 14:00:00

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