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Battle of the Cars

Family Car

Imagine if three cars from three common car categories found themselves locked in an arena battle, spurred on by thousands of car enthusiasts desperate to find out which is the superior ride. It’s a concept much considered by motoring TV shows and video game developers, where the mighty battle the small. Obviously it’s subjective and the results rely heavily on the talents of the driver and the terrain, but what if an average SUV, small family car and a fancy sports car went head-to head in an dusty arena? Below are a few non-scientific but completely plausible reasons for their demise in the first round or their eternal glory in the last.


Strengths: The huge plus side of an SUV is both the power and the 4-wheel drive capability. Placed on an off-road track, the SUV is the safest bet for a bumpy but controlled ride. They also offer a great deal more protection in collisions and the elevated position allows for a better view.

Weaknesses: With all the extra bits of equipment, SUVs can be both expensive to run and more prone to failure. Although the suspension allows for shock-absorption, the sheer size of SUVs means higher risk of rolling due to high centre of gravity.

Conclusion: Great for a wealthy off-road warrior, but must be handled with care.

The Small Family Car

Strengths: Small cars are easy to manoeuvre and can therefore get in and out of tight spots in a flash. They’re also economical and lighter and can go further for longer, and can therefore be perfect for ‘tiring out’ the opposition

Weaknesses: Small cars have far less protection in collisions with larger vehicles, so in a dusty battle situation, occupants could be in trouble. There’s also a lot less power in the engine for the quick getaways.

Conclusion: Nimble enough to slowly escape collisions in the arena, but less protection if the worst happens.

The Sports Car

Strengths: The biggest pro of a Sports Car is the speed. Many sports cars can reach speeds of up to 170 mph, some over 260 mph. They make for an incredible spectacle.

Weaknesses: The insurance on sports cars is ridiculously high, so the last thing you want is a dent, a bump or a scratch.

Conclusion: If you want to look good and always be ahead of the competition, then the Sports Car is the way ahead - if you’re not too rough.

Car Buying Tips  28/01/2014 14:25:23

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