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Be Wary of Insurance Pitfalls

Be Wary of Insurance Pitfalls Image

Trying to find an insurance company to insure your car in Spain can be a minefield with dangerous traps.  With the apparently endless number of insurance adverts on the television, it can sometimes be easy to forget that Spain has very different prices, regulations and rules.

Pitfalls to watch out for include assuming that an insurance company in Spain that uses the same logo and name as a well known and trustworthy company in the United Kingdom is the same thing - this may not, in fact, actually be the case at all. 

It is also very important to check the policy very carefully indeed.  Third party insurance is sometimes quoted instead of fully comprehensive insurance, which means that any passengers would not be covered by the insurance, something that could end up being the start of a very costly and ongoing nightmare if you do indeed have an accident that affects your passengers. 

It is important to understand that taking out insurance is not the same as having an extended Car Warranty or a contract to undertake maintenance, and the fact is that sometimes taking out the wrong kind of insurance can be just as bad as having no insurance at all, meaning that the onus is very much on you to take note of the policy you are acquiring and the company that you are purchasing it from and ensure that there are no nasty surprises should the worst happen.

published: 23/09/2011 11:00:01

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