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Benefits of buying a used car over a new car

When it comes to choosing your next car, you have two options: buy a new car or go for a used one. It may seem the obvious choice, but there are a lot of benefits of going for a secondhand car rather than something brand new.

No depreciation

One of the biggest downsides of buying a new car is depreciation. As soon as you drive off the dealer’s forecourt, your brand new car can lose a lot of value. When you take into account just how much you pay for a new car, that’s a lot of money lost on your asset. While this might not be a problem at the time, if your car gets written off or you want to sell, then it will hit you hardest in your pocket.

More options

Cars are better than they have ever been before. Improved driving technology and safety means that even cars that are a few years old have excellent options available. When you combine this with the lower price that used cars have, then you generally have more choice available to you.


Nothing shows a car’s reliability more than a few years on the road. So what better way to see how good a car is then by taking a look at the service history of the car you want to buy. You will be able to see if there have been any major issues during the MOTs and see the stamps in the car’s service book.


New cars generally only have reviews from the industry, meaning they can sometimes be biased or unreliable – a car maker is only going to supply their best model. A used car can be reviewed by anyone, both independent car lovers and those who have owned the car. So you can get a fair and balanced view of your desired model.

Car Buying Tips  13/11/2018 10:19:46

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