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Best Car Mechanic Scenes in Films


Mechanics have many a time performed what seems to be a miracle transformation on a car. Through their countless hours of hard physical work and years of technical expertise it is possible create something much faster, more aggressive and simply awesome. A complete wreck of a car which doesn’t even seem to have a spark of life can be restored, refined and reincarnated. Results may include an earth shaking engine rumble, flaming exhausts and tyres scrabbling to put the power down. Below are a few examples of films which capture the imagination of car enthusiasts and demonstrate some exciting possibilities.

The Fast and The Furious 2001

Uncover cop Brain O’Connor becomes inversed in the illegal street racing scene in this high octane action film. He has to build a case against the notorious street racer Dominic Toretto and his gang who they suspect have become involved more illegal activities.

Whilst trying to win Dom’s trust, Brain has to bring him a car which is capable of screaming up a quarter mile drag strip in 10 seconds. When Brain turns up with a wreck of a car which seems fit for the scrap yard, Dom and his gang seem to have major doubts. However, they agree the car represents a solid base to build from and the transformation takes place. After extensive work and many costly aftermarket parts, their new drag car is completed. The car is immediately pushed to the limit during a test drive when Dom and Brain decide to burn off a Ferrari at a set of traffic lights.

Death Race 2008

Jensen Ames, an ex-con and previous racer, is forced against his will to compete in a deadly race event organised by a high security prison. Drivers operating highly modified cars built for speed and offense compete in a gruelling event.

While Jensen is being shown round the mechanic shop, inmates who are divided into teams can be seen building their own monstrous racing machines. Jensen is introduced his pit crew and mechanics as they are working on his savage race car. Based upon 2006 Ford Mustang GT, his car boasts a supercharged 5.4 litre V8 engine. Just incase that wasn’t enough a mechanic points out there is an additional power boost available at the flick of a switch. Steel plates, shields and bullet proof glass are used to build a defence that which could rival a tank. Offensive weaponry fitted to car includes oil slick, napalm and twin bonnet mounted machine guns.

Mad Max 1979

This strange, dark, apocalyptic future is where wild outlaw gangs run riot in the wastelands of Australia. Max Rockatansky is part of the police force which struggles to keep control of the peace. When his family and best friend are taken from him, Max becomes a rogue cop driven by vengeance.

Max decides he needs a more aggressive vehicle for taking on the dangerous and violent criminal gangs. When ventures down into a dark, messy workshop area where an eccentric character is currently working on his new Interceptor. The modified Ford Falcon XB Coupe is presented, featuring menacing black bodywork and an aggressive supercharger protruding from the bonnet. The mechanic starts the car and it immediately fires into life, causing Max to become fixated with the car and its threatening sound.

Grease 1978

This sing along classic is a love story between high school sweethearts Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson, but wouldn’t be complete without the famous hot rods. Grease Lighting, still a disco classic loved by many, is sung whilst the T-Birds fix up Kenickie’s car for a race against rivals The Scorpions. Perhaps one of the most entertaining scenes in the whole play, the T-Birds imagine themselves in a shining, state-of-art garage. If you haven’t seen Grease already, you need to – this is a classic that will go on for years to come.

Offbeat  17/02/2014 10:03:36

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