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Best cars for camping holidays

Ah, camping in the Great British Isles; most of us have at least one childhood memory. The success largely dictated by the weather, which in the UK is never the most trusted variable.

You might, if the sun had put its hat on, have glorious recollections of frolicking outside in the sun dappled camp, eating fat sausages hot off the (justified) BBQ and sleeping under the stars in relative warmth. Or, if struck by less favourable climes, your memories might include soggy sandwiches, cold feet and endless rounds of gin rummy in the tent as the rain lashed down, your dad insisting “it’ll all blow over soon”.

Regardless, we stand by the fact that camping is practically a rite of passage in this country. And – bank holiday traffic aside - part of the fun is getting there. Here we’ve picked the best car for the most common types of campers. Which one are you?

For the adventurer: Range Rover Sport SVR

Sick of life’s mundanities, a thirst for adventure is close to your heart. Escape the grind in this beast of a car – the most powerful Land Rover in history.

At 2335kg you get a lot of car for your money and whilst it might not be the most economical drive, we don’t think that’s going to stop you. With a boot of 489 litres (1761 litres with the seats folded) you’ll easily be able to store your camping gear, if you’re going down that route. If you’ve got more natural plans involving elaborate leaf canopy structures and freshly caught rabbits, at least you know you’ve got the comfort of the Sport SVR to return to if needed. Not that you will.

At around £93,000 for the basic model, this might be a touch out of reach. The classic, classy Land Rover Freelander might meet budget approvals better, coming in at £23,475.

For the big family:  Skoda Yeti

You remember the heady days of camping with your partner before the tribe arrived. You’re sure it was romantic, but such a feat sounds impossible now you’re surrounded by snotty tissues and half chewed bananas being serenaded to “Let it go” as you whizz down the M4 in search of greenery.

For you, we suggest the Skoda Yeti. The interior is super spacious and very comfortable, a must for long journeys with offspring. With big windows the interior feels even more airy and there is always something to look at. And even the basic model comes with a few snazzy gadgets including air con, remote locking, electric front windows and a CD player.

The basic model will set you back just £16,800. We think this is a great option for an expanding family on the move.

For the too posh to camp: Volkswagen California

Sleeping? On the ground? Like an animal? Ha ha ha, no thank you. For some, all the rose-tinted memories of camping outdoors will never be enough to convince them to give it another go. If you are such a person, we suggest the Volkswagen California. It’s quite a commitment for a camping-phobe, but we think once you’ve given it a whirl you’ll be hooked.

All the joys of camping without the, er, camping. Wake up in the morning on your fully padded double bed, fold it away and stick the kettle on for your morning cuppa, relax on your swivel chair and take in the lovely view. Step outside should the need for fresh air be required.

With the option to add a wardrobe, fridge, gas cooker and sink, this is the perfect buy for those who want to camp in comfort and style. The entry model is all yours for £35,000! 

Car Buying Tips  26/05/2015 09:22:36

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