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Best cars for Christmas shopping

Christmas shopping is, depending on your disposition, either heaven or hell. For some the hustle and bustle, festive songs and wonderland decorated shops are a cherished part of the Christmas experience. For the rest? A necessity, considerably improved by online shopping. But whoever you are and whatever your opinion, a spot of high street shopping is pretty much a given come December. Here are our top 5 picks for the cars to do just that in.

The city centre shopping car: 1.5T Mini Cooper - £15,300

If you live in or near a city, chances are you’ll be popping in to do your shopping. And whilst you could catch public transport, hauling half of John Lewis’ stock across a busy city is probably not your idea of a good time. Here you want something compact, something you can easily navigate busy streets with and something small enough to squeeze into the city gold dust that is a free parking space. The Mini Cooper does what it says on the tin, making it the perfect choice. With power assisted steering, parking sensors and built-in sat nav, this is the perfect choice for city shoppers. Plus it just looks plain cute.

The family shopping car: Skoda Yeti SUV - £16,715+

If you’ve got kids, you’ll know that shopping can be an, er, trying experience. Just packing them into the car and getting to the shops is a big enough of an accolade, so let’s just stick to that for now. The Skoda Yeti not only has a great name, but is the perfect option for families who need to do some serious shopping. For one, you get a lot of car for your money. The cabin area is generously spacious and the materials used are pretty hard-wearing meaning they can handle the wear and tear of family life with ease. It’s boxy, beefy bodywork maximises space, including the boot with 416 litres of luggage space, more than enough room for all your Christmas presents.

The lots of shopping car: Mercedes-Benz E-class - £32,750+

Maybe you have a huge extended family and network of friends to buy presents for. Or perhaps your just a shopaholic. Either way, you need a car with the maximum amount of space available. Not for family trips out, no, for shopping.  Well the Mercedes-Benz E-class could be the choice for you. This bad boy is all about the space. First let’s talk about the space in the back, it’s got fantastic head, shoulder and leg room. Which for you, translates to potential present hoarding space. That isn’t the best bit though, with 515 litres of boot space going free, you can rest easy knowing that this will handle all of your spoils, and then some. Seriously. Try and fill it up in one go. Pro tip: Upgrade to folding rear seats to maximise space.

The I need a break from shopping car: Jaguar XJ saloon -  £56,780+

It’s not that you’re a scrooge, you just can’t be doing with the faff. The crowds are exasperating, the music repetitive and prices seemingly ever inflated. And it happens earlier with each year. Enough whinging, lets get down to business. You need something that offers serious respite, so at least the journey to and from the shopping extravaganza is pleasurable. The XJ is Jaguars top-of-the-range saloon and it is all about luxury. Even the cheapest model (if you can call it that) comes with a shedload of goodies: panoramic sunroof, dual zone climate control and 18-inch alloy wheels.  All leather trim (not just seats – everything) and polished wood veneer are also part of the basic package. Go wild on options to really maximise luxury, we’d suggest LCD screens, wireless headphones and how about a massaging seat to de-stress after shopping?  Heck, the XJ is so good you’ll be tempted to stay in it and forced into the last minute garage run. Ha - as if you care!  

Car Buying Tips  16/12/2014 09:29:43

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