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Best Child Car Toys

If youíve got a mini motor head in your life delight them this Christmas with their very own car. Donít worry, weíre not talking their very own Ferrari or Mercedes Benz (well actually, we are), but one of the epic options available in the childrens car market. Youíd be surprised how far things have come since the days of the flintstone-esque rides you used as a kid.

1.†Flying Gadgets HENES M7†

Price: £720.21

Got some serious cash to splash? Delight your car-mad kid with the most sophisticated childís car on the market. Electronic power steering, audio system and two on-board CPUs are just a few of the snazzy features thatíll enhance playtime. As for luxury? It remains at the heart of this premium toy, with luxury leather seating and a voice command system. Available in black, white and red Ė which would your nipper prefer? The only issue with this otherwise faultless ride: it could easily trump yours!

2.†12V Dark Fire Giant 2 Seater Jeep

Price: £499.99

For the little adrenaline junkie, you couldnít do better than the 12V 2 seater jeep. The slick grey and red design is sure to capture their imagination and the rear roll bar with imitation lights and rear view mirror make it feel closer to the real thing.† It offers a right hand drive, perfect for perfecting motoring skills in the UK. The pedal accelerator and automatic brake†offer a taste of the real thing, but a max speed of 7 km/h means all will remain under control. This serious beast of a machine is sure to delight any kid obsessed with cars.

3.†Mercedes Benz 300 SL 12 Volt Silver Gloss

Price: £179.99

How about a genuine Merc to raise a smile come Christmas morning? With high gloss painted bodywork and branded with official badges (manufactured under license) this mini Merc looks the real deal. And parents can rest easy, as this latest version comes with a 3 speed parent remote control, so mini speed demons can be kept under control. Front and rear lights, working horn and reverse gears all add to the real feel of this battery operated childs car.

4.†Batmobile 6V

Price: £129.00

Got a wannabe batman on the Christmas list? Provide him with the ride and allow him to become the hero Gotham deserves! This super slick batmobile would inspire any batman fan, with itís authentic sounds and flashing lights. And if your mini batman hasnít quite got the hang of that steering malarkey, fear not, the metal reinforced frame means little, er, bumps, are easily endured. With a top speed of 2.7 km/h, this would suit younger kids more concerned with batman related adventure than playing F1.

5.†Mini Cooper Style 6V

Price: £101.01

If your child prefers the finer things in life, this delightfully pink Mini Cooper style car would be an excellent choice. Complete with parental remote control, this is suitable for young car enthusiasts after their first ride. But donít let that put you off, this car has some serious features. Fully functional lights, working horn and an MP3 plug in all add to the realistic effect of the Mini Cooper style.†

Offbeat  02/12/2014 09:21:43

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