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Best driving roads in the UK

Ever dreamt of driving those scenic roads from your favourite car shows or magazines? The beautiful countryside unfolding as you travel can release a feeling of awe. Then there are exciting twists and turns that challenge and get our adrenaline flowing. We have some truly fantastic roads for driving here in the UK. Fire up your GPS, fuel the car and out on one of these exhilarating roads.

Cheddar to Ashwick - B3135

This 14-mile journey has a wild start, navigating the magnificent jaws of the Cheddar Gorge. Once breached, the beautiful scenery begins to unfold as you travel onto faster sections of roads.

The Cheddar Gorge is filled with twists and tight hairpins, your steering rack is sure to get a good workout here. Avoiding peak tourist times makes this road more enjoyable.

After three miles the maze of turns is subdued, jagged rocks are replaced with by lush trees and is road smoothed out considerably. At this point you can pick up the pace whilst scaling the beautiful open countryside. The long sweeping bends welcome you and are a joy to drive.

The final stretch features long smooth straights with only little change in gradient. This section is just perfect for soaking up the scenery and lulling you at the end of your journey.

The Evo Triangle - A5, A543 and B4501

Aptly named by the writers of the Evo Car magazine, this road is a driving enthusiasts dream come true. If youíre looking to make some stops along the way for impromptu car photo-shoots, this is the route to take. 20 miles of remote Welsh moorland is covered using three roads, each with their own character.

The journey begins with a US highway sensation, long open straights dotted with houses, trees and farms. However itís not long until youíre soaring up into the vast moorland.

Quick straights followed by lazy corners with a little camber wake you up. The road begins to unravel as you proceed. Running off into the distance the road appears just as you would imagine a full size scalextric track.

However, you still need to keep your wits about you as local animals can still make an appearance.

Dover to Deal - A258

The shortest of the bunch at just 10 miles but make no mistake, this is a real roller-coaster ride through the Kentish countryside. Imagine refreshing sea breeze, impressive tudor castles and racetrack-esque roads.

The ride kicks off with a huge rise in elevation, from 0 to 408 feet above sea level in less than one mile. Starting off slow with a 30MPH speed limit, itís not until you reach the summit that you will graciously greet the national†speed limit sign.

Thus begins one of the fastest sections of the journey, eventually requiring more caution through tighter downhill S bends. This slightly more technical section soon gradually dissolves.

Next the road cuts through pure open countryside with cornfields at either side. The road slows as you pass by quaint villages and mighty castles. The coast gets closer in distance until you are riding right along side the beach to the finish.

Driving Tips  21/07/2015 10:20:56

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