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Best stars in a reasonably priced car

After years of warbling on the edge, Jeremy Clarkson has finally been sacked by the BBC. Love him or hate him, we can all agree that hitting a colleague is definitely grounds for a sacking! But that’s not to say that we can’t appreciate infamous Clarkson’s best moments.

One of our favourite Top Gear segments was Best Stars in a reasonably priced car, in which Clarkson interviews a celebrity, focusing on car-related matters. It also includes the celeb guest lapping the test track, with the results going on one big time board.

But of all the stars in a reasonably priced car, who was the best? We’re looking for witty banter and an epic lap around the test track.

Aaron Paul

If you are obsessed with Breaking Bad (which, let’s be honest, 99.9% of us are) then you have to see the Aaron Paul episode. Not only does he talk about how the series never was (the pilot didn’t get good viewing stats: shock horror, we know), but he also activates full-on Jesse Pinkman mode during his lap with a: “C’mon you…b***h!”

We also get to find out a bit about his dodgy ‘82 Toyota Corolla (in faded gold!) car history, which he has since upgraded to a ’65 Shelby Cobra. Clarkson explains his daughter is going to go mental, as it’s her favourite car driven by her favourite actor. Aaron Paul jests “I love your daughter!” to which Clarkson promptly responds: “No you don’t!”

But what about his lap time? Aaron scores first on the leader board with a time of 1:44.7, but is later overtaken by Olly Murs and Nicholas Hoult.

Ed Sheeran

First things first, we should clarify that everybody’s favourite indie pop star Ed Sheeran doesn’t actually have a driving license! And he hadn’t actually driven before this, which as Clarkson remarked “is pretty ballsy!” He has, however, bought a car. Though not for him. He bought one of his sound engineers the Porsche 911 Carrera, which he had always wanted. N’aww!

So how did his fastest lap go? Well despite sliding off the track in a few of his attempts, he drove pretty smoothly around in his fastest lap….and still managed to beat Jack Whitehall, which was his main aim!

James Blunt

Early noughties heart throb James Blunt might be a self-confessed one hit wonder (his twitter bio reads: “Proof that one song is all you need”), but the singer songwriter is also somewhat of a comedian too.

On the day of his lap there was a red weather warning out, that advised everyone to ‘stay home unless absolutely necessary.’ Not one to be deterred, James hit the lap anyway! He squelched and slid his way around, declaring halfway through: ““It’s like a f*****g lake out here!”

Whilst waiting for his results, he told Clarkson: ““And inevitably James blunt is the wettest of laps!” Despite the very heavy rain and inability to fully see through his window screen, he got a respectable time of 1:48.3, placing him mid leader board.

Jimmy Carr

It’s worth watching Jimmy’s episode just for the witticisms! We find out he used to work in marketing at oil company shell, which he explains is the easiest job in the world: “Have you get a fuel gauge in your car? When that’s goes into red, buy some petrol!” And despite being somewhat of a speed demon on the track, funny man Jimmy actually owns a ’75 Rover! Yikes.

When practising his laps, Top Gear cameramen asked if it was OK to stand a bit further back than usual. To which Clarkson agreed was a result of Jimmy’s aggressive driving style. Jimmy disagreed: “I don’t think it’s aggressive, it’s playful!” The Stig was reported saying that he’s never seen someone “d*** around” quite so much!

In the end though, his “playful” driving approach paid off, and he made it around the lap in 1:46.9, claiming top spot. He was later outraced by Dave Olliff and Dame Ellen MacArthur. 

Offbeat  17/04/2015 09:17:25

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