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Biggest Speeding Fines

For most of us speeding can seem like such a trivial matter. Say you’re caught doing 80mph on a 70mph motorway; a wide straight road with no traffic in sight. We almost feel we can fully justify that we have not gone wrong. But as always, there are others who like to push the limit to the extremes. Add high performance supercars to the mix and you could get a total disregard for highway regulations and road safety. Many of the owners don’t seem too worried about consequences as they can likely afford the fines, or at least they think they can. Whilst going through the largest speeding fines of our days you can’t help but think how much that would sting the wallet.

“Faulty Speedo” Cost Him £650,000

Topping our list is the Swedish owner of a six-litre black Mercedes SLS who was caught driving in excess of 180mph whilst on a Swiss motorway. At 37 years old the driver received an eye watering £650,000 fine for his over indulgence in speed. Switzerland calculates speeding fines with their own devious formulas, taking into account the severity of the speed and the owner’s income level. This is sure to go down in the record books as he hit the maximum penalty of £2,166 per day for 300 days! Apparently whilst being questioned he explained the speedometer in his car appeared to be faulty, not sure that one is going to fly!

Repeat Offender May Think Twice From Now

Second on the list is another sample of the Swiss speed justice system. This time a Swiss millionaire was smacked with a whopping speeding fine of £180,000. The repeat offender was clocked at 85mph whilst travelling through a rural village area. Even at merely 35mph over the limit, the offender demonstrated a total disregard for traffic rules with his Ferrari Testarossa. The media reported the man in question currently uses five different flashy supercars which he keeps at his large villa. Even so, a fine like this has got to sting quite a bit. After all, he could have bought another car with the money he paid!

A Son Has Something to Tell His Father...

This next one might make you chuckle. Although the amount paid in fines has not been disclosed, a Bugatti Veyron has been impounded by police in the Netherlands. With the owner’s 20 year old son at the wheel it was caught zooming by at 100mph through a 50mph zone somewhere near Rotterdam. The hyper-car was apparently lent to the owner’s son very shortly before he was caught for the offence. I guess neither of them realised just how seriously Holland take their speed enforcement. It is not known when the irresponsible father will get his £1.5M car back yet, if ever.

It Wasn’t Me!

Finally, Ronald Klos was eventually banned for one year and fined a total of £3,000 for his actions on UK roads. Video footage actually caught Ronald red handed driving his BMW with his phone to his ear at 156mph. Yet the amateur racing car driver denied being behind the wheel in spite of the overwhelming evidence. It is actually surprising he was not imprisoned for this dangerous driving but still he battled ferociously with courts before finally being overturned. This is just a small justice against those who do not face up to their own actions.

Offbeat  28/11/2014 15:16:53

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