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Bizarre insurance claims

Bizarre insurance claims Image

Our feathered and furry friends are some of the culprits behind some of the most bizarre car insurance claims of recent years, according to Admiral.  The company, which is a specialist in car insurance (albeit not including extended auto warranties) has revealed that one unfortunate driver had their pride and joy destroyed by a nest of mice who decided they rather liked his car's stylish leather interior.  Another driver hit a bollard when the front passenger pulled up the handbrake, having mistaken it for the puppy that had just jumped off their lap.  Another motorist drove into a telephone pole in the midst of attempting to swat a fly inside their car.

Peacocks in particular seem to spell trouble for drivers in the United Kingdom, with four out of the 12 most unusual insurance claims involving the feathered fiends actually attacking vehicles.  One such incident saw a car get clawed by a peacock upon seeing its own reflection in the paintwork, while another saw a group of peacocks damaging a vehicle after escaping from a neighbour's garden.  

"We asked our claims handlers to tell us about any unusual claims they had dealt with that really stood out for them and found that animals featured in the most memorable ones," says the Managing Director of Admiral, Dave Halliday.  "Although amusing to read about now, any incident is distressing for those involved and our handlers are trained to be understanding and professional.  However, it goes to show car insurance is not always as dull as you may think."

Author - Michael Barclay

Insurance  30/03/2012 14:00:00

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