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BMW roll out used car plan in China

BMW roll out used car plan in China Image

German group BMW is set to take things up a gear by expanding its consumer base in China with the launch of four centres - not selling new cars, but certified second-hand cars.

The move, which is considered a way to gain new customers in the East Asian country quickly, is also being adopted by General Motors.

According to Automotive News Europe, BMW is seeking to set up up to four facilities selling used cars across the country by the time December rolls around. The car manufacturer has already established one second-hand car salesroom in the Shenzhen city.

The previously owned models that will be sold in China have been subjected to the maker's Premium Selection programme. This means cars are rigorously tested and needs to have clocked up less than 74,565 miles. It must also adhere to other standards for documented maintenance.

Gunther Quest, head of used car strategy at BMW China, said: "We see big potential. It's a young market and we have to build trust within our customers."

Car Warranty  17/05/2012 17:00:01

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