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Buyers Opting for Longer Used Car Warranties

Consumers are continuing to look for added protection for their vehicles by purchasing used Car Warranties. Results are showing that no only are consumers looking for peace of mind with their vehicles but they also want this for longer.

Go Car Warranty offer their customers three different options for protecting their cars against unexpected repair bills. Consumers can buy warranty packages for 12 months, 24 months or 36 month periods. This ensures they have even more flexibility when purchasing their car warranty.

The trend of consumers buying longer warranty periods started during the recession. It was clear that when the recession began the average consumer had to make cut backs in their spending which led them to look for extra cover against unexpected repair bills.

It seems as if people are still looking for this additional cover even though we are now officially out of the recession. This is probably due to the fact that consumers understand that although we are out of the recession, we still have a long way to go until we have the same expendable income we have seen in recent years.

Go Car Warranty offers a complete warranty package from as little as 99 a year. For those who want even further protection the ultimate warranty package is offered at highly competitive rates.

Car Warranty Motor Warranty Vehicle Warranty  30/06/2010 10:29:55

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