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Call for personal breathalyser use

Call for personal breathalyser use Image

Halfords is urging motorists who may be tempted to enjoy a festive drink over Christmas and New Year, to carry a breathalyser to ensure they are driving safely and legally.

Figures from the Association of Chief Police Officers illustrate the need fort annual Christmas period clampdown on drink-driving, with 7,124 drink-drivers being arrested between December and January last time around. In total, 2011 saw 280 people killed, 1,570 seriously injured and 9,000 casualties on the UK's roads via drink-driving incidents.

The best advice is not to drink at all, as any amount of alcohol affects your ability to drive, according to David Hammond, Halfords product manager.

However, he was quick to add that a breathalyser to hand is a major consideration, as many people innocently get behind the wheel the following day after an office party or family gathering and believe themselves to be able to drive.

A fine of up to 5,000, a minimum 12-month driving ban and a criminal record, in addition to the obvious danger to other road users and pedestrians are the risks of driving over the legal limit. In the UK, only 80 milligrams of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood is the legal limit, so it does not take much to breach that.

It is wise to remember that it can take up to 14 hours for a fairly moderate amount of alcohol to leave the body.

Therefore, drinking 4 pints of medium-strength beer or 4 glasses of wine on a normal night out, can still be in your system and render you over the limit at 11am the next day.

Car Care Tips  14/12/2012 17:00:01

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