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Can I Buy A Used Car Warranty Online

Can I Buy A Used Car Warranty Online Image

As more consumers turn to the internet to shop for everything from music to insurance, some have wondered if it is possible to buy a used Car Warranty online.  The good news is that consumers can buy warranties online with relatively little trouble.  In fact, this approach may be just as good or better than trying to obtain a warranty from a local car dealer.  Here's why:

First, a used car warranty that is available through a dealer often limits where the car can be serviced and maintains all of the protection of the warranty.  While this is fine if you are happy to undertake all of your servicing and maintenance at these particular garages, it can be difficult if you already have a mechanic that you know and prefer to use.  Some of the warranty plans offered online provide more choice in terms of where you can take your car for regular maintenance and where major repairs can be made, and at the same time pay for all or at least a part of the bill.  

Since used car warranty terms and conditions do vary, it is important to evaluate any online car warranty carefully before committing to anything.  Make sure that the provisions are acceptable and will provide the level of service you have in mind.  Also, take the time to look into the background of the company that issues the warranty plan.  Doing so will make it easier to determine if that good looking warranty deal is offered by a legitimate provider.

Author - Michael Barclay

Car Warranty  28/02/2011 11:00:01

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