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Can I Still be Eco Friendly if I Own a Car

In this day and age we are slowly but surely becoming more conscious of our impact on the environment. Our behaviour and daily habits are going to create very real long term effects on the planet, our home for the foreseeable future. Many are driven to act by their conscious; they want to leave a better world for future generations. Whereas others may be encouraged financially as increasing taxes, costs and government pressures sting them.

Whatever your reason for deciding to become more eco-friendly, we can make a real difference without total sacrifice. Fortunately it is still possible to dramatically reduce the impact whilst continuing to use our cars. See the four simple methods below for being more eco-friendly whilst out on the road.

1. Use Your Car Less

The most obvious and effective method put bluntly is to drive your car less often. Get into a habit of cutting all unnecessary journeys, like the ones you could have actually walked. Before fretting about wasting precious time, consider the health benefits from fresh air and exercise. Additionally, less wear and tear will occur and fuel savings can be reaped. Not to mention you could even avoid a potential fender bender. All these points will result in financial savings that can be focused elsewhere. Now when the weather isn’t looking good you can even jump in the car guilt free!

2. Share a Lift

If you partake in daily commutes to work or education consider sharing a ride with others who are heading out the same way. If your colleagues live in the same area as you, suggest taking it in turns to drive each other to work. Not only will the environment thank you but your wallet will too. Also, the more people that lift share the fewer cars there are on the road, resulting in less rush hour traffic.

3. Swap to a More Sensible Car

If you are in dire need of your own set of wheels and will travel regularly then it could be worth exchanging your car for something more economic. This is especially true if your vehicle is much larger than you currently need. Or maybe the engine is quite large and hungry for fuel. In these cases a newer or more efficient car could even save you a small fortune on fuel in the long run.

4. Drive Smarter

Reassessing the way we drive is another effective method for saving on fuel and excessive and nasty fuel emissions. When a car is driven in a smooth and controlled manner the engine can operate much more efficiently. By looking and planning ahead you can prevent unnecessary slowing down and speeding up which consumes more fuel. By selecting a more suitable gear and speed the engine will run more comfortably, increasing economy in the long run. Lighten your throttle use to avoid racing the engine and revving too high. This will put additional stress on the engine and components, not to mention wasting more fuel than needed.

Driving Tips  03/02/2015 09:05:01

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