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Can I Upgrade Auto Warranty Coverage Later

Can I Upgrade Auto Warranty Coverage Later Image

Some consumers wonder if it is possible to make changes to the level of auto warranty coverage after buying a new or used vehicle.  While some dealers will allow customers to move from a basic warranty plan to an extended plan after a purchase is complete, this is not always allowable.  Even when an upgrade is possible, there are often certain restrictions.

The general condition of the vehicle is often a factor when upgrading auto warranty coverage.  Dealers will asses the condition of the car, noting the additional mileage incurred since its purchase, as well as any indications of problems which would be covered in the extended plan but not the basic.  In addition, most dealers will only entertain upgrades in auto warranty coverage for a limited time after the purchase, even if the car has not been driven a great deal and shows no signs of excessive wear and tear having occurred.

Typically, the best approach to securing auto warranty coverage is to review the options at the point of purchase.  Dealers are often happy to sit down with clients and go over the benefits found in the basic warranty.  While this may take a little time, it is better to go ahead and make a firm decision on the choice of warranty at the time.  This will eliminate any frustration that may arise later on when more comprehensive coverage is required.

Author - Michael Barclay


Auto Warranty  27/01/2011 11:00:03

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