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Car Air Conditioning Costs UK Millions

Car Air Conditioning Costs UK Millions  Image

Air conditioning is fitted in as many as four out of five new cars today and yet the chances of experiencing an expensive failure have jumped to more than double the previous levels in recent times. Drivers in the United Kingdom are believed to be paying around £177 million each and every year in order to keep their air conditioning units working while driving, a new report has claimed. 

An independent Car Warranty specialist claims that faults in air conditioning account for just less than 4% of all motor malfunctions and is third only to the engine and the transmission as the most costly car part to fix at an average price of around £450. The vehicles most likely to be susceptible to malfunctions in their air conditioning tend to be around four years old, according to analysis. It has also been pointed out that replacing the compressor unit on a Vauxhall Astra can cost well over £700 - and that does not take into account another £200 for service costs.

A spokesman for the warranty company says that motorists who do not like the idea of such costly repairs or do not want to go without air conditioning should give their unit an annual check, the cost of which is considerably less than the cost of a repair bill or the complete replacement of a faulty unit. "To help prevent failure, it's advisable to use the air-con for at least ten minutes every week and get it serviced every couple of years," he notes.

Motoring News  07/10/2011 11:00:01

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