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Car commuters feel the pinch

Car commuters feel the pinch Image

Commuters who drive to work in Britain fork out an average of 840 each on fuel, travelling more than 3,326 miles a year.

Workers in Scotland travel the furthest, driving an average of 3,934 miles each year. Car commuters in the east of England cover 3,907 miles, while motorists in the East Midlands travel 3,643 miles, research by Santander 123 cashback credit card shows.

Those who drive to and from work in the east of England spend the most on petrol and diesel. Car owners in that part of the country pay out an average of 1,008 on fuel per year, with workers in the East Midlands spending 960 and Londoners 948.

Santander has told car commuters to take the findings on board and is keen to encourage people to find ways of reducing travel costs. Almost two in every three workers in the UK commute by car, according to the study.

Santander Cards CEO Alan Mathewson said: "Over the course of a year, car commuters could save a significant amount of money by making small changes to their routine. For example, they could consider carpooling with colleagues."

Car Warranty  01/02/2013 17:00:00

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