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Car dealers warned over CSI surveys

Car dealers warned over CSI surveys Image

Car dealers should adopt their own customer research rather than relying on information from manufacturers, it has been suggested.

Professor Jim Saker, from Loughborough University, believes current methods of measuring customer satisfaction do not help businesses to find out whether customers are likely to return, or whether they are happy with the car-buying experience.

Prof Saker is due to outline his views in a speech at AM's Hit for Six Conference in Oxford later this month.

In his presentation, he will question the value of Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) surveys in measuring the strength of customer relations.

Prof Saker, who works at the University's centre for automotive management, will suggest that dealers should introduce their own satisfaction surveys, and could even use social media sites to develop their relationship with customers.

He accused manufacturers of measuring the "wrong aspect" of customers' feelings.

"Satisfaction is quite a weak emotion," Prof Saker said. "In fact, we should be measuring the strength of the relationship and the likelihood of the intention to return to the business."

Car Care Tips  01/11/2012 17:00:03

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