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Car insurance costs to be slowed by fraud register

Car insurance costs to be slowed by fraud register Image

A new insurance fraud register is set to go live in July this year as a result of contracts being signed by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) and the Insurance Fraud Bureau in order to secure the creation of a brand new database, according to the insurance comparison site  

A new national database is to be set up in the United Kingdom compiling the names of proven insurance fraudsters.  The Insurance Fraud Register (IFR) is to be accessible across all product lines by all insurers and should "deliver a serious blow to insurance cheats," hopes the managing director of the software firm behind the database.  

The project has been a joint venture between the Insurance Fraud Bureau, the ABI and software specialist company Detica NetReveal and is the latest in a series of efforts to fight insurance fraud.  Any applications for new policies, including car insurance (though not counting extending auto warranties) will now be able to be referred to the Insurance Fraud Bureau in order to identify anybody who has in the past been reported for committing insurance fraud.  Consumer organisations will receive education on the purpose of the register while insurers will continue to pay legitimate claims as quickly as they can.  

"For some time we have been calling for the government to crack down on uninsured drivers and other areas of motor insurance fraud, so as not to penalise the country's law abiding motorists" says the Commercial Director of, Andrew Goulborn.  "This is therefore an important development in the fight against this type of fraud."

Author - Michael Barclay

Insurance  21/02/2012 14:00:00

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