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Car maintenance and service checklists

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When you give your car a maintenance or take it in for a service, there are some essential things that have to be checked. Vital to the smooth and efficient operation of your car, you are only doing half a job if any of the items on our car maintenance and service checklist is missed out.

Oil and coolant levels

Two of the most common checks are the oil and water (or coolant) levels. The oil keeps your engine well lubricated and prevents it from overheating. As does the water level in the radiator, which helps cool your car and makes your air conditioning work correctly.

Air filter

The air filter controls and regulates the amount of air being absorbed into the engine – vital for the combustion to work. Over time this will get clogged with dirt and debris, so needs to be cleaned as part of any maintenance work.

Tyre pressure

Having correctly inflated tyres means you have more control and your brakes work better. Any service by a reputable mechanic will ensure that the tyres are at the correct inflation level.

Tyre tread

It’s not always easy to check just how much tread you have on your tyres. You can try measuring it using a 20p coin, but having a mechanic with a tool to check your tyres is always preferable.


It’s easy to miss when one of your lights isn’t working. A dead bulb isn’t an automatic MOT fail, but letting the problem build up over time means you can soon be in a dangerous place on the road.

Brake pads

If your car is getting a service, then make sure the brake pads are checked. Many modern cars have hard-wearing brake pads that will last the life of the car. Even so, you will want to ensure that they are in optimum condition.

published: 11/09/2018 12:02:01

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