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Car valeting Dos and Dont's

With the fast-paced and exciting 21st Century lives we lead, cutting costs and maintaining our expensive possessions is becoming more and more important. And, as one of the most expensive purchases you’re ever likely to make and one you use daily, your car should be high on the list of things to look after. In the world of motoring, the mantra of taking care of the inside as well as the outside is as important for your vehicle as it is your body. Even if you frequently polish the bonnet and often scrub the wheels, neglecting the cabin could lead to dirt, mould and damage; all creating unwanted expense and nuisance. Simply remembering simple ‘dos and don’ts’ will go a long way to making owning a car an enjoyable and hassle-free experience. 

Do: Do some research

Take time putting together your supplies. There are particular products designed for valeting jobs that will be best suited for the interior, so ask questions and read labels before getting stuck in.
Don’t: Use harsh and unforgiving chemicals
One of the worst things you can do to the inside of your car is attack the upholstery with chemical soap. Whilst these soaps are great for scrubbing the body, they can often do far more damage than good to leather seats and polished wood. 

Do: Pay attention to detail 

Removing as much filth from the inside of the car as possible is one of the main objectives of valeting. The floor is the best place to start; remove rubbish, sweep chunks of dirt and hoover to ensure that no fragments find their way to the more prized areas.

Don’t: Go straight for the polish

It might be tempting to start with the fancy parts of the dashboard, but there are loads of elements of the inside of your car that need attention first. Like you would when cleaning your shoes or your living room, polish should be last on the list of priorities.

Do: Use plenty of water

In cleaning your interior, you want to get the balance of product and water right, especially where product needs to be diluted or where there is persistent or stubborn dirt.

Don’t: Use too much water 

Water can ruin leather and make wood change shape. Too much can also seep into carpet, inviting mould into areas you may overlook when it comes to drying. Always fully rinse out the sponge before going anywhere near the dash. 

Do: Invest in electric dryers

Electric dryers for cars are perfect for removing moisture and droplets you may have had trouble reaching with a normal towel. As long as they’re not on full blast, they also do less long-term damage than towels as there’s far less contact.

Don’t: Forget to use them

You don’t want to put effort into cleaning your car only to ruin the effect by neglecting the drying process. Take your time, giving an even coverage and paying particular attention to crevices and hidden areas. When using towels, make sure it’s soft, as a rough towel could scratch surfaces and ensure all surfaces are dry before adding specialist polish or wax.

Car Care Tips  09/09/2014 09:13:21

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