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Car Warranties Are They Worth It

Everybody likes to have peace of mind when they buy something new, but buying a used car can often comes with a risk. This raises the question whether it is worth buying a Car Warranty and if it will protect you adequately in the event that your car has unexpected problems.

The first thing to note is that if your car already has a manufacturers warranty then it will probably not be worth you buying additional warranty for the vehicle. However if you car is reaching the end of your warranty period (either by mileage or age) then it may well be worth buying additional warranty to protect your vehicle.

It is well worth researching the reliability of your vehicles make and models and the reputation to see whether there are common faults which need to be protected against. Often a particular vehicle model will have a mechanical weak point which is prone to failing. In this event it can be very cost effective to have a car warranty package in place.

Buying a warranty package also allows you to get your car repaired at a franchised dealer, which can be very expensive. Go Car warranty offers unlimited claims, no excess charge, instant cover and vehicle replacement. The only criteria you have to meet is that you car is under ten years old and has covered under 100,000 miles.

Go Car Warranty offers two different warranty packages. The complete package is only £99 and covers the majority of common vehicle problem areas. There is also the ultimate warranty package which provides extensive coverage and starts from only £124.

published: 22/06/2010 09:35:47

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