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Car Warranties Still Popular Despite the Recession Ending

The recession has hit consumers particularly hard and because of this they were looking for more protection. This led to the Car Warranty industry seeing an increase in sales. It appeared that consumers wanted added security when buying a used car. This was due to consumers being unable to afford any unexpected repair bills on top of the expense of purchasing a used car.

The trend hasnít changed either even though we are beginning to come out of the recession. This is great news for the Car Warranty industry who is offering some great quality products at bargain prices.

It also shows that the general public are becoming more aware and interested in protecting their one of their biggest assets. Cars usually cost a consumer £3000 a year in running costs of which a sizeable amount is due to unexpected repair bills.

It is clear that both new and used car sales are still increasing is great for the motor industry as a whole. The increase of car warranty products sold by companies such as Go Car Warranty is complementing the industries sales trend. Itís not surprising when you can purchase a complete car warranty package for only £99.

Even though we are officially out of the recession many people are still unsure about their financial security. It is clear there is a long way to go before consumers are financially secure again and the ability to protect themselves against unexpected motor expenses has clearly caught the consumer attention.

Car Warranty Vehicle Warranty  09/06/2010 09:29:06

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