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Carmakers to use adhesives more

Carmakers to use adhesives more Image

An adhesive expert has claimed that the market for adhesives in the car sector for bonding body structures is growing thanks to advantages over spot-welding.

Specialists at the automotive adhesives firm 3M believe that they offer a simpler solution to manufacturers as more assembly is done off-line and before paint, while also providing vital weight reduction and improvements to stiffness.

More and more carmakers are looking to use lighter materials all the time and Abs Master, business development manager at 3M, insists that adhesives will continue to grow in popularity as such materials are used with greater regularity.

"Many lighter weight materials require specialist adhesives to bond them together," he said.

"Interest from the auto industry is growing around the world as vehicle manufacturers come under increasing pressures to reduce fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions."

Master also thinks that adhesives offer advantages in terms of robustness and rigidity, and that those qualities will prove to be of the utmost importance for manufacturers as they look to improve crash safety and in the light of extended Car Warranties.

"It also opens up the possibility of joining hybrid materials - say aluminium and steel - which you can't do with spot-welding," he added.

"It will also be something that comes under greater consideration as Vehicle Warranty periods lengthen."

Vehicle Warranty  11/07/2012 17:00:00

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